Inês Nunes Silva

Post-Doctoral research fellow

Research Activities

Relevance of phenotype switch in Burkholderia cepacia complex clinical isolates Comparative Genomics and Transcriptomics

Selected Publications

Silva IN, Tavares AC, Ferreira AS and Moreira LM (2013) “Stress conditions triggering mucoid morphotype variation in Burkholderia species and effect on virulence in Galleria mellonella and biofilm formation in vitro”, PLoS One, 8(12):e82522; doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0082522

Ferreira, A.S., Silva, I.N., Oliveira, V.H., Becker, J.D., Givskov, M., Ryan, R.P., Fernandes, F., Moreira, L.M., “Comparative transcriptomic analysis of the Burkholderia cepacia tyrosine kinase bceF mutant reveals a role in tolerance to stress, biofilm formation and virulence”, Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 79(9):3009-3020 (2013);

Ferreira, A.S., Silva, I.N., Oliveira, V.H., Cunha, R., Moreira, L.M., “Insights into the role of extracellular polysaccharides in Burkholderia adaptation to different environments”, Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology, 1(16):1-9 (2011);

Silva, I.N., Ferreira, A.S., Becker, J.D., Zlosnik, J.E.A., Speert, D.P., He, J., Mil-Homens, D., Moreira, L.M., “Mucoid morphotype variation of Burkholderia multivorans during chronic cystic fibrosis lung infection is correlated with changes in metabolism, motility, biofilm formation and virulence”, Microbiology, 157:3124-3137 (2011);

Ferreira, A.S., Leitão, J.H., Silva, I.N., Pinheiro, P.F., Sousa, S.A., Ramos, C.G., Moreira, L.M., “Distribution of cepacian biosynthetic genes among environmental and clinical strains of the Burkholderia genus and role of this exopolysaccharide on resistance to stress conditions" Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 76(2):441–450 (2010).

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