Isabel Sá-Correia
IST  Distinguished Full Professor

Research Activities

Isabel Sá-Correia research interests are in the fields of Molecular and Cellular Microbiology and Functional and Comparative Genomics with impact in Microbial Biotechnology and Human Health. Current research programs have a focus on: Physiological Genomics of the Microbial Responses and Tolerance to Stress in yeasts and bacteria of the Burkholderia cepacia complex; Functional analysis of yeast multidrug transporters of the MFS and the ABC Superfamily; Advanced Yeast Biorefineries.

Selected Publications

Martins, L. C.; Palma, M.; Angelov, A.; Nevoigt, E.; Liebl, W.; Sá-Correia, I., Complete Utilization of the Major Carbon Sources Present in Sugar Beet Pulp Hydrolysates by the Oleaginous Red Yeasts Rhodotorula toruloides and R. mucilaginosa, Journal of Fungi 7, 215, 2021.

Monteiro, P.T., Oliveira J., Pais P., Antunes, M., Palma, M., Cavalheiro, M., Galocha, M., Godinho, C.P., Martins, L.C., Bourbon, N., Mota, M.N., Ribeiro, R.A., Viana, R., Sá-Correia, I., Teixeira, M.C., YEASTRACT+: a portal for cross-species comparative genomics of transcription regulation in yeasts, Nucleic Acids Research , 48, D642–D649, 2020.

Ribeiro, R. A.; Vitorino, M. V.; Godinho, C. P.; Bourbon-Melo, N.; Robalo, T. T.; Fernandes, F.; Rodrigues, M. S.; Sá-Correia, I., Yeast Adaptive Response to Acetic Acid Stress Involves Structural Alterations and Increased Stiffness of the Cell Wall, Scientific Reports, 11, 1-9, 2021.

Sá-Correia, I.; Godinho, C. P. Exploring the Biological Function of Efflux Pumps for the Development of Superior Industrial Yeasts , Current Opinion. Biotechnology , 74, 32-41, 2022.

Tavares, M., Kozak, M., Balola, A., Sá-Correia, I. Burkholderia cepacia Complex Bacteria: a Feared Contamination Risk in Water-Based Pharmaceutical Products , Clinical Microbiology Reviews, 33:e00139-19, 2020.


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