Luís Filipe Vieira Ferreira
Associate Professor with habilitation

Research Activities
Surface Photochemistry Studies with the use of diffuse reflectance techniques (time resolved absorption and laser induced luminescence in a time range from nanoseconds to seconds). Singlet oxygen detection and other photochemical studies of New NIR dyes for Theranostics. Archaeometry: PIXE, XRF micro-Raman, GSDR, LIF, LIP of archaeological ceramics.

Selected Publications
Boscencu R, Socoteanu RP, Manda G, Radulea N,  Anastasescu M, Gama A, Ferreira Machado I, Vieira Ferreira LF* (2019) New A3B porphyrins as potential candidates for theranostic. Synthesis and photochemical behaviour, Dyes and Pigments 160: 401-417, (

Conceição D, Vieira Ferreira LF (2018) Photochemical Behavior of Ag0 or Au0 Decorated Nanostructured TiO2 Prepared by a Facile In Situ Reduction Method, Chemistry Select 3:  773-778,

Vieira Ferreira LF*, Barros L, Ferreira Machado I, Gonzalez A, Pereira MFC, Casimiro TM (2018) Spectroscopic characterization of amphorae from the 8th to the 7th c. BCE found at the Almaraz settlement in Almada, Portugal,  J. Archaeolog. Sci. Reports 21: 166 –174, (

Conceição DS, Graça CAL, Ferreira DP, Ferraria AM, Fonseca IM, Botelho do Rego AM, Teixeira ACSC, Vieira Ferreira LF* (2017) Photochemical insights of TiO2 decorated mesoporous SBA-15 materials and their influence on the photodegradation of organic contaminants, Microp. Mesop. Mater. 253: 203-214.

Boscencu R,  Manda G, Radulea N, Socoteanu RP, Ceafalan LCI, Neagoe V, Ferreira Machado I, Huveyda Basaga S, Vieira Ferreira LF (2017) Studies on the Synthesis, Photophysical and Biological Evaluation of Some Unsymmetrical Meso-Tetrasubstituted Phenyl Porphyrins,  Molecules 22: 1815-1835, (

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