Francisco António Guilherme Moreira

PhD student

Research Activities

Due to traditional 2-D culture methods being very labor intensive and limited in scalability, is important to establish a platform for the large-scale production of human MSC as encapsulated 3-D aggregates, able to generate spheroids with controlled size, under defined xenogeneic-free conditions is a key objective. Also there is a need to the development of a characterization platform for human MSC spheroids, able to fully define the characteristics and therapeutic potency of these cells.


Selected Publications


Moreira, F., Badenes, S. M., Cabral, J. M. S., "Biocatalytic transesterification of triglycerides and alcohols for the production of biodiesel using cutinase in organic media", Biocatalysis and Biotransformation, Vol. 31, No. 5: 246–254, Oct 2013.


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