Ruben Soares

PhD student

Research Activities


My research is being developed from a collaboration between IBB and INESC Microsystems and Nanotechnologies aiming at developing a low-cost and point-of-use microfluidic chip for the multiplexed detection of mycotoxins in foods and feeds. I am also involved in the development of miniaturized separation and sample processing techniques and optical biosensors for the detection of prostate specific antigen, alternative biomarkers for prostate cancer diagnostics and circulating micro-RNAs. My main research topics are: - Immunoassay engineering. - Biosensing of food contaminants, namely mycotoxins. - Optimization of aqueous two-phase systems (ATPS) for selective biomolecular partition. - Sample preparation. - Microfabrication techniques, namely computer-assisted design (CAD), magnetron sputtering, direct write litography (DWL), SU-8 mold fabrication and PDMS soft litography. - Microfluidic biosensors. - Integration of optical sensors, namely PIN photodiodes and photoconductors. - Biosensing of prostate cancer biomarkers. - Biosensing of nucleic acids, namely microRNAs.


Selected Publications

Soares, R.R.G., Novo, P., Azevedo, A.M., Fernandes, P., Chu, V., Conde, J.P., Aires-Barros, M.R. "Aqueous two-phase systems for enhancing immunoassay sensitivity: Simultaneous concentration of mycotoxins and neutralization of matrix interference", Journal of Chromatography A, Volume 1361, 26 September 2014, Pages 67-76


Soares, R.R.G., Novo, P., Azevedo, A.M., Fernandes, P., Chu, V., Conde, J.P., Aires-Barros, M.R. "On-chip sample preparation and analyte quantification using a microfluidic aqueous two-phase extraction coupled with an immunoassay", Lab on a Chip, Volume 14, 29 August 2014, Pages 4284-4294


Madaboosi, N., Soares, R.R.G., Chu, V., Conde, J.P. "A microfluidic immunoassay platform for the detection of free prostate specific antigen: a systematic and quantitative approach", Analyst, Volume 140, 1 May 2015, Pages 4423-4433


Soares, R.R.G., Azevedo, A. M., Van Alstine, J. M., Aires-Barros, M. R. "Partitioning in aqueous two-phase systems: Analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats", Biotechnology Journal, Volume 10, Issue 8, 24 July 2015, Pages 1158-1169


Jacinto, M.J., Soares, R.R.G., Azevedo, A.M., Chu, V., Tover, A., Conde, J.P., Aires-Barros, M.R. "Optimization and miniaturization of aqueous two phase systems for the purification of recombinant human immunodeficiency virus-like particles from a CHO cell supernatant, Separation and Purification Technology, Volume 154, 5 November 2015, Pages 27-35


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