Sandra Godinho Silva
PhD Student

Research Activities

Bioactive Natural Products Microbial Ecology and Marine Biology (Meta)genomics
Study of the marine bacteria secondary metabolite production and analysis of their pharmaceutical potential. Comparative (meta)genomics of marine bacteria to establish ecological links of potential biotechnological interest.

Selected Publications

Silva, SG, Bloom, J, Keller-Costa, T and Costa, R (2019). Comparative genomics reveals complex natural product biosynthesis potential and carbon metabolism across host-associated and free-living Aquimarina (Bacteroidetes) species. Environmental Microbiology 21(11): 4002-4019. doi: 10.1111/1462-2920.14747

Raimundo, IG, Silva, SG, Costa, R and Keller-Costa, T (2018). Bioactive secondary metabolites from octocoral-associated microbes—new chances for bue growth. Marine Drugs 16:485. doi:10.3390/md16120485

Silva SG, Lago-Lestón A, Costa R, Keller-Costa T. (2018). Draft genome sequence of Sphingorhabdus sp. strain EL138, a metabolically-versatile alphaproteobacterium isolated from the gorgonian coral Eunicella labiata. Genome Announcements 6(9)1–2. doi:10.1128/genomeA.00142-18


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