Ana Margarida Bucho Gama

Research Activities

Advanced theranostic approach in cancer combining photodynamic therapy and nanoparticles.
Photochemistry and Photophysics of porphyrines adsorbed on surfaces.
Diffuse reflectance techniques. XRF micro-Raman, GSDR, FT_IR, LIF, LIL, Singlet oxygen detection and other photochemical studies of New NIR dyes for Theranostics.

Selected Publications

Boscencu R, Socoteanu RP, Manda G, Radulea N,  Anastasescu M, Gama A, Ferreira Machado I, Vieira Ferreira LF* (2019) New A3B porphyrins as potential candidates for theranostic. Synthesis and photochemical behaviour, Dyes and Pigments 160: 401-417, (


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