Bruno C. Silva
Research Fellow

Research Activities
I have a strong background in microbiology and molecular biology. My research is focused on probiotic and lactic acid bacteria, bacterial molecular cloning and heterologous protein expression.

Selected Publications

Oliveira, L. C.; Luerce-saraiva, T. D.; Silva, W. M.; Pereira, U. P.; Silva, B. C.; Benevides, L.; Rocha, F. S.; Figueiredo, H.C.P.; Azevedo, V. A. C.; Soares, S. C (2017). Analyses of the probiotic property and stress resistance-related genes of Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis NCDO 2118 through comparative genomics and in vitro assays. PLoSOne. , v.12, p.e0175116- , 2017.

Silva, B. C.; Sandes, S.H.C.; Alvim, L.B.; Bonfim, M.R.Q.; Nicoli, J.R.; Neumann, E.; Nunes, A. C (2016). Selection of a candidate probiotic strain of Pediococcus pentosaceus from the faecal microbiota of horses by in vitro testing and health claims in a mouse model of Salmonella infection. Journal of Applied Microbiology (Print). , v.122, p.225 - 238.

Alvim, L.B.; Sandes, S. H. C.; Silva, B.C.; Silva, R. S.; Campos, M. H. A.; Acurcio, L.; Arantes, R.; Nicoli, J.; Neumann, E.; Nunes, A.C (2015). Weissella paramesenteroides WpK4 reduces gene expression of intestinal cytokines, and hepatic and splenic injuries in a murine model of typhoid fever. Beneficial Microbes. v.v.1, p.1 - 14.

Sandes, S.H.C.; Alvim, L.B.; Silva, B. C.; Zanirati, D. F.; Jung, L.R.C.; Nicoli, J.R.; Neumann, E.; Nunes, A.C (2014). Lactobacillus species identification by amplified ribosomal 16S-23S rRNA restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis. Beneficial Microbes. , v.5, p.471 - 481

Silva, B. C.; Jung, L.R.C.; Sandes, S.H.C.; Alvim, L.B.; Bomfim, M.R.Q.; Nicoli, J.R.; Neumann, E.; Nunes, A.C (2013). In vitro assessment of functional properties of lactic acid bacteria isolated from faecal microbiota of healthy dogs for potential use as probiotics. Beneficial Microbes. , v.1, p.1 - 9.

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