Marisa V. Santos
Post-Doctoral Researcher

Research Activities
• Development of sustainable bioprocesses using SSF and SHF approaches for production of biosurfactant and enzyme with valorisation of agroforestry residues.
• Use of nanofiltration process for detoxification of lignocellulosic extracts.
• Bioreactor fermentation, process scale-up simulation for economic evaluation.
• Valorisation of industrial wastes through microbial biotechnology.

Selected Publications
Santos, M. V., Faria, N. T., Fonseca, C., & Ferreira, F. C. (2018). Production of mannosylerythritol lipids from lignocellulose hydrolysates: tolerance thresholds of Moesziomyces antarcticus to inhibitors. J Chem Technol Biotechnol, doi: 10.1002/jctb.5853

Faria N., Silva M., Santos, M. V., Fonseca, C., Netzer R., Ferreira F. (2018). “New approaches for laundry detergent and marine oils spill responses using mannosylerythritol lipids and cell-free broth formulations” ESBES 2018, Lisboa, Portugal

Santos, M. V., Faria, N. T., Fonseca, C., & Ferreira, F. C. (2015). “Intensification of yeast biosurfactants production from sugars”, RRB-11, York, UK

Faria N. T., Santos M. V., Ferreira C., Fernandes P., Fonseca L., Ferreira F. C. (2014). Production of glycolipid biosurfactants, mannosylerythritol lipids, from pentoses and D-glucose/D-xylose mixtures by Pseudozyma yeast strains., Process Biochem. 49: 1790-1799, doi:10.1016/j.procbio.2014.08.004

Faria, N. T., Santos M., Ferreira C., Marques S., Ferreira F. C., Fonseca C. (2014). Conversion of cellulosic materials into glycolipid biosurfactants, mannosylerythritol lipids, by Pseudozyma spp. under SHF and SSF processes. Microb. Cell Fact. 13: 155, doi:10.1186/s12934-014-0155-7

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